Tax Rates and Fees

Calvert County Tax Rates and Fees FY 2022
Rate/ Fee
Property Tax
(Per $100 of assessed value)
Real Personal Property: County$0.927

Chesapeake Beach$0.591

North Beach$0.591

Business Personal Property: County$2.23

Chesapeake Beach$1.39

North Beach$1.39
Local Income TaxPercentage of taxable income3.00%
Admissions & Amusement TaxPercentage of receipts1.00%
Hotel TaxPercentage of receipts5.00%
Recordation TaxPer each $500 of value when property is sold and title is recorded$5.00
Trailer Park TaxPercentage of space rental receipts20.00%
Cable T.V. Franchise TaxPercentage of subscriber revenues5.00%
911 Fee (local)Monthly telephone bill$0.75
Excise TaxPer residential single family dwelling unit:



Solid Waste$350

Per commercial square feet:
Solid Waste

Utility Permit FeePer Permit$240