Inspections and Permits

The Division of Inspections and Permits provides for the health, safety and welfare of all Calvert County citizens by preventing and correcting hazards attributed to the built environment. This is accomplished through the effective, efficient and equitable administration and enforcement of the International Building Codes, National Electric Code, the National Standard Plumbing Code and all other applicable local ordinances.

Our Mission

The division is responsible for issuing building, grading, electrical, plumbing and gas permits, and performs field inspections on these projects to ensure compliance with the applicable codes. Types of inspections conducted by staff include, but are not limited to, building construction, electrical installation, plumbing installation, fire protection and accessibility.

The division is also responsible for issuing Calvert County licenses to builders, electricians and plumbers, and provides staff support to the local Building Board, Plumbing Board and Electrical Board.