Application Forms for Residential Construction

New Single-Family Dwelling

Residential Accessory Structures, Additions, and Improvements (Renovations, Repairs, Remodels)

Note to Applicants

Separate permits and inspections are required for plumbing and electrical work. Plumbing and electrical permit applications must be completed and signed by Calvert County licensed master electricians and master plumbers and submitted to the Inspections and Permits office after the applicable building permit is approved.

  1. Residential Permit Fees
  2. Residential Excise Fees

Residential Permit Fees

Fee Description
Minimum FeeDepartment Assessing Fee
Residential Application Fee$25.00
Residential Building Permit$0.12 per sq. ft. for finished floor area
$0.06 per sq. ft. for unfinished floor area -
i.e., porches, garages, decks, breezeways, etc.
$45.00 fee for a single visit; minor remodel project -
i.e., pier, etc.

Homebuilders Guaranty Fee*$50
Residential Application Fee for Re-Route$25.00
*During the 2008 session, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation that creates a Guaranty Fund in the Consumer Protection Division to protect consumers who purchase new homes in Maryland.

 Permit Offices are required to collect from home builders a Guaranty Fund fee of $50 with each application for a permit for construction of a new home, including new homes, custom homes, mobile homes, modular homes and condominiums.

 Landowners who are performing construction of a home they intend to live in on their own land and who submit a Landowner Affidavit to the Permit Office are not required to pay the $50 Guaranty Fund fee.