Community Survey

About the Community Survey

Calvert County residents can help improve their county government services by participating in a new community survey that aims to help officials better understand residents’ priorities, concerns on county services and overall quality of life. Residents who responded previously are encouraged to respond again.

The latest survey is available at and asks residents to rate their experience with different aspects of life in Calvert County including housing, education, transportation and public safety. Feedback will be used by county officials and staff to better identify and understand concerns and enhance the county’s responsiveness to community issues.

Survey responses are confidential and anonymous; however, a respondent may choose to share their email address if they wish to be contacted by county staff for follow-up. The survey will not collect an individual’s name, address or any other personally identifying information.

Accessible distribution 

Our survey has been purposely crafted to remove common barriers to participation—like time and language—so more resident groups can easily take part.

Actionable breakdowns of the data

Our overall score is broken down by demographic group, geographic region, quality of life characteristics and more to better understand where to focus our efforts.

Perfect our performance 

Biannual reports inform our strategic planning with clear and actionable data.

Community Survey Results

Satisfaction community survey infographic
Least satisfied community survey infographic
Important aspects community survey infographic