Code of Ordinances

 The material on the website is current through
 Ordinance 28-17 and 2017 Laws of the State of Maryland

 Links to new or updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws
 that modify the County Code will be listed below as they are available.

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Updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws


Ch. 111, House Bill 446: Fire and Rescue Commission Membership (PDF)
Ch. 113, House Bill 627: Length of Service Award Program - Death Benefits (PDF)
Ch. 114, House Bill 729: County Budget - Changes to Adopted Budget (PDF)
Ch. 116, House Bill 1114: Procurement Contracts - Reciprocal Preference for Resident Bidders (PDF)
Ch. 744, House Bill 815: Procurement - Contracts and Bidding (PDF)
Ch. 841, House Bill 1357: County Officials - Salaries (PDF)

02-18: Amendment of Chapter 86 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Calvert County (PDF)
34-18: Qualified Disabled Veteran Property Tax Refund with Retroactive Application (PDF)
36-18: Repeal and Re-adoption with Amendments of the Calvert County Road Ordinance (PDF)

27-18: Property Tax Credit for Members of Volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS Companies (PDF)


29-17: Extending the Period of Time Which a Special Taxing District Within the Drum Point Subdivision Shall Remain in Effect (PDF)
42-17: An Ordinance to Amend the Calvert County Ethics Code (PDF)