Code of Ordinances

 The material on the website is current through
 Ordinance 10-22 and 2021 Laws of the State of Maryland

 Links to new or updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws 
 that modify the County Code will be listed below as they are available.

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Updated Ordinances and Public Local Laws



21-22: Ordinance for the Purpose of Repealing and Adopting with Local Amendments the Calvert County Building Code (PDF).
36-22: An Ordinance to Repeal and Readopt with Amendment Chapter 136, Article IV of the Calvert County Code, Pertaining to the Accommodations Tax and Tourism Development Incentive Fund (PDF)
39-22: An Ordinance to Amend the Calvert County Ethics Code(PDF)
49-22: An Ordinance Amending the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance and Adopting An Adequate Public Facilities Requirements for Development, Redevelopment and Issuance of Building Permits Not Part of a Subdivision or Site Plan Review(PDF)


07-23: An Ordinance Pertaining to the Adoption of the Calvert County Public Access to Information Chapter of the Calvert County Code (PDF).
11-23: An Ordinance Pertaining to the Amendment of Chapter 86 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Calvert County (PDF).
13-23: An Ordinance for the Purpose of Repealing and Readopting an Amended Rural Legacy Area Map (PDF).

HB1178: Calvert County-Length of Service Award Program-Benefits (PDF).