Foreclosure Information

Foreclosure Resources
o Maryland HOPE – Call 1-877-462-7555 to learn about your options, your rights, and avoid fraud during a foreclosure. 

• Mortgages Affected by COVID-19Visit the Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development’s website to learn more about mortgages affected by COVID-19.

Maryland Mortgage Program’s loan servicer contact information and COVID-19 specific links:
o Bank of America, contact them at 1-800-669-6607 or online
o U.S. Bank, contact them at 1-888-287-7817 or online.
o Dovenmuehle, Inc., contact them at 877-330-4064 or online.
o AmeriNat, contact them at 1-800-943-1988 or email 

• Foreclosure Mediation: Mediation is a confidential conversation between a homeowner and the lender. At mediation all the parties get together to discuss the mortgage situation and how the homeowner can keep his or her home or move out. For more information, visit:

• Foreclosure Steps and Timeline: here to learn more about the timeline of a foreclosure case from beginning to end. 

• HUD Approved Housing Counseling AgenciesVisit HUD’s website for a full list of approved agencies. 

• Foreclosure Prevention Tips from DHCD

• Rental and Mortgage Assistance Flyer (COVID-19) / Spanish Version