Education Committee

Schools must play a role in substance abuse prevention by educating their faculty, staff and students and by implementing a multi-faceted program that must involve partnering with the community.


The following objectives are aimed at developing a multi-faceted, community program for substance abuse prevention instituted by the Board of Education:

  • Community agencies: To involve the services of community agencies in support programs that deal with drug abuse
  • Curriculum development: To design and implement curriculum, activities and special programs which emphasize the dangers and devastating effects of illegal drug use
  • Parental and community involvement: To involve the services of community agencies in supporting programs services in working in the schools to combat/treat drug abuse
  • Staff in service: To provide a drug awareness program for all school system employees and to focus on their role in prevention
  • Student involvement: To solicit student input and to provide opportunities for them to contribute their energies to prevention
  • Utilization of community businesses: To provide opportunities for community businesses to assist in the promotion of drug education and prevention through special programs
  • Utilization of media: To solicit the media to promote, publicize and report on programs that deal with drug abuse


2014 Maryland Adolescent Survey

The 2014 Maryland Adolescent Survey was conducted by the Maryland State Department of Education, with joint support from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

The Maryland Adolescent Survey (MAS) is completed every two years by Maryland's 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders to determine the nature, extent, and trend of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse among adolescents.The survey investigates current use patterns, information, and attitudes that are believed to be associated with substance abuse.

The 2014 Maryland Adolescent Survey (link coming soon).

Charting Trends

CAASA has compiled MAS information from 1994 through 2007 and created charts (PDF) for both Calvert County and the State of Maryland by grade level so you can easily see the trends among adolescents.These charts also allow you to see how the results for the youth of Calvert County compare to state-wide results.