CCFN Board of Directors

Board Members

  • Robin Sizemore-Stewart, Chair
    Department of Juvenile Services
  • Marcia P. Claggett
    Citizen Member
  • Dr. Daniel Curry
    Calvert County Public Schools
  • Timothy Fridman
    Calvert County Sheriff's Office
  • Debora Harris
    Citizen Member
  • Jennifer Moreland
    Calvert County Gov't, Department of Community Resources
  • Laurence Polsky, M.D., Health Officer, Calvert County Health Department
  • Cynthia Scribner
    Department of Juvenile Services
  • Amye Scrivener, LCSW-C
    Director, Calvert County Department of Social Services
  • Cynthia Middleton
    Core Service Agency, Calvert County Health Department