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Police Accountability Complaint Form

  1. The Police Accountability Board (PAB) is committed to working with state and local law enforcement agencies to improve policing and police accountability in Calvert County, Maryland. Citizens wishing to file a complaint against a Calvert County sheriff’s deputy, Maryland State Police trooper or other law enforcement officer who polices in Calvert County, or a person filing on behalf of the complainant, are asked to please use the Police Accountability Complaint Form below to file their complaint. 

    Maryland law requires that contact information of the complainant, or a person filing on behalf of the complainant, be included in the complaint for investigative follow-up purposes. The contact information provided may be in the form of either a telephone number, email address, or both should the filer choose to include both. Maryland law further requires that the complaint be forwarded to the law enforcement agency within three days of the complaint filing.

    Learn more about the complaint process.

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