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Equestrian Access Permit

  1. Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm and Kings Landing Park are open to horse riding. Those who wish to trailer their horses must obtain an annual permit. There is no fee for the permit but must be renewed annually. Applications received after Sept. 1 wil be valid until Dec. 31 of the following year. Horse owners must have a negative Coggins for each horse with them when they are at the park. For directions and additional information, visit the Natural Resources website under Services: Natural Resources (copy this link and paste into your browser: )
  2. Which Nature Park?
    Please indicate which parks you are likely to visit.
  3. An email is required to verify information provided.
  4. Please list other family members.
  5. You may be asked to present copies of registration.
  6. Please include make, model, length and color.
  7. Please remember to have a copy of a negative Coggins report for each horse while in the parks. It is no longer necessary to submit a report as part of the application. Include the names and description of your horses below.
  8. The information provided will be reviewed and a permit will be sent to you. We will contact you if there are any questions. Please allow 10 business days to receive your permit.
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