Background Checks

Calvert County Parks & Recreation Background Screening Instructions

Protecting the welfare of children is a top priority. Calvert County Parks & Recreation feels strongly that keeping children safe on the field or court begins with a thorough background check of all coaches and volunteers in sports it offers or co-sponsors.

If you have been requested to submit a background check, please follow the steps below to begin this process.

  1. Begin the online application.
  2. Fill out all information indicated with the red asterisk on the Welcome Page. Please note, it is imperative that you use your legal first and last name. Select "BACKGROUND SCREENING" for the position for which you are applying and click Login.
  3. Read through the instructions on the Background Check Release – Electronic Signature Confirmation page and provide the necessary information indicated in red. Once completed, click "I Agree."
  4. Complete the Personal Information Section with a telephone number and select the position for which you are applying. Please note, if your position is listed, type N/A in the box above the list of options. Finally, read through the Certification located at the bottom of the page. Type your name and date at the bottom of the form and click "I Agree" once completed.
  5. The submission will then to be sent to Calvert County Parks and Recreation accordingly