Jury Duty

Thank You for Serving

If you are visiting this page because you have been selected for jury service, we wish to thank you for your service. With freedom comes responsibility, and jury service is an important aspect of the rights, privileges and freedoms we all enjoy in this great nation. Your service is greatly appreciated by the court.

Juror Selection
In Calvert County, Kathy Smith, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, is responsible for managing the selection process under the direction of the Honorable Marjorie L. Clagett, Administrative Judge. Once a year jurors are selected at random from a combination of the Calvert County Voter Registration list and the list of Calvert County's licensed drivers and persons holding state identification cards issued by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. From that pool of potential jurors, approximately 1,800 qualified individuals will be randomly selected to actually serve as petit jurors and 46 as grand jurors.

There are two Jury Sessions in Calvert County, January and July.

Preparation for Jury Duty 
This pamphlet was developed to introduce jury service to those summoned to jury duty for the first time and to refresh the memories of those who have had past experience as petit jurors. It will help you become familiar with terms and procedures that are common in both civil and criminal cases.

Grand Jury Handbook
The Serving on a Maryland Grand Jury Pamphlet (PDF) introduces you to service as a grand juror. It explains how a grand jury is chosen, the difference between a grand and petit jury, the duties of a grand jury, frequently used terms and more.

Finally, please visit the Jury Service website where you will find FAQs for employers and employees, do's and don'ts during trial and deliberations, and more.