Public Transportation

Division Overview

Calvert County, through the Public Transportation Division of the Department of Community Resources, serves the transportation needs of the public as well as the elderly and persons with disabilities. The county provides eight fixed routes and four demand-response/para-transit routes to link residents with major shopping, medical and employment areas, as well as with public services available in Prince Frederick.

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality transportation service to the citizens of Calvert County that is safe, dependable, and responsive to the needs of the community.

  1. Understanding the Bus System
  2. Bus Fares
  3. Rules & Regulations

Calvert County Public Transportation uses a Flag System

All Calvert County public transportation routes operate through the use of designated reference points for timing the route and the “flag system.” Riders must flag down the bus and can board anywhere along the route where the driver deems it safe to pull over.

The bus schedules list locations that are not bus stops; they are reference points for timing the route. Riders may board at other points along the route.