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Government Ethics Training

  1. As required by Maryland State Law, Calvert County has a Code of Ethics. The purpose of the Code is to set standards of ethical behavior for most County officials and employees.

    In an effort to ensure that these standards are understood, all employees of Calvert County Government must view the “Government Ethics” video. Submission of this form, with confirmation that you have watched the video, will serve as verification that you have met this standard.

    The video you are about to watch is 15 minutes long. When you click on the link below the video will open in a new window or tab. At the conclusion of the video, close that window or tab. This form should still be displayed. This training video is copyrighted. The link to this video should not be shared with any other party. Once you have finished viewing the video, please complete and submit this form.

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    By selecting "Yes" I confirm that I have watched the complete "Government Ethics" video and that I will not share this video or the link to it with any other party.*

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