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Calvert County Video Submissions

  1. Thank you for sharing your videos of Calvert County. We appreciate your help in showcasing this beautiful place for visitors from near and far. If we use your videos we will give you credit when we can. All videos submitted for upload are subject to review by Calvert County Government staff.

    Upon submitting this form, users will be redirected to Calvert County Government's video submission upload link. 

    Thanks again!

  2. Video Requirements

    For videos in which a person is recognizable, you must secure a model release from the subject or, in the case of a minor, the subject’s parent or guardian and provide it to Calvert County Government upon request.

  3. Content Creator Information
  4. Checking here acknowledges the Use of Video Consent terms*

    By checking this box, I allow the County Commissioners of Calvert County ("County"), its directors, agents, employees, and contractors to reprint, reuse, display, copy, reproduce, post, publish, exhibit, and distribute the video(s), which I have submitted herewith, in any media or format for an unlimited amount of uses over an unlimited time period. Use of the video(s) is granted at no charge to the County. The County has sole discretion to crop, edit or otherwise enhance the video. I certify and attest that the media submitted is my original work and, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner and knowingly grant the rights contained herein. I also attest to have consent of anyone clearly depicted in videos submitted, and agree to provide proof of consent upon request. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the County from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities, and costs that may arise from or related to any infringement on any intellectual property rights or other rights of a third party.

  5. Is the content creator under 18 years of age?
  6. If the content creator is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must acknowledge below.*

    I, being parent or guardian of the minor whose name appears below, hereby consent to the foregoing conditions and warrant that I have the authority to give such consent.

  7. Submit

    Upon submitting this form, users will be redirected to Calvert County Government's media submission upload link.

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