General Services

Department Overview

The Department of General Services provides capital project management and inspection, performs professional facility maintenance through the Buildings and Grounds Division, oversees the management of all county facilities, provides pest abatement and mosquito control and implements the Johnson grass program.


The Department of General Services strives to provide safe, clean, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly county-owned facilities for staff and for all citizens to pursue their recreational and cultural activities

Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the custodial care, buildings and grounds maintenance including noxious weed for active farms and repair and renovation of county-owned and leased facilities. The division provides these services to all county departments, county libraries, the Sheriff's Office, court systems, community centers, etc. with its staff and contractors.

Mosquito Control

Calvert County Mosquito Control provides countywide integrated mosquito management of nuisance and vector (disease carrier) mosquitoes. The Mosquito Control Program is totally committed to an integrated approach that includes physical, biological and chemical control options to reduce the mosquito population throughout Calvert County.