Board of Appeals (BOA) Application Process

The Board of Appeals Application Form describes filing requirements. 


There are two categories of Board of Appeals (BOA) applications. Each application has its own filing requirements:

  • Variances, Special Exceptions, Non-Conforming Uses:
    • An application for permit/plan review must be filed prior to filing a BOA application for this type of case. Planning & Zoning staff determine which permit/plan reviews are required for a particular activity. Planning & Zoning staff review the permit/plan application and determine if BOA action is required. If so, the planner will send a Project Referral Form to BOA staff and the applicant. BOA staff will then contact the applicant and provide the information needed to begin the BOA process.
  • Decisions on Alleged Errors, Reconsideration Requests:
    • These cases do not require prior permit or plan review and/or a Project Referral Form.

BOA applications and filing fees are accepted by appointment. BOA staff may be contacted at 410-535-1600, ext. 2335 or 2559 to schedule an appointment. Once an application is filed it becomes a BOA case and is assigned a case number.