Topo Map Series

Calvert County has produced a large scale topographic map series covering the entire county. The maps are in PDF form and have a scale of 1:100. In other words, 1 inch on the map equals 100 feet on the ground. The PDFs are intended to be printed on 24 inches by 36 inches (ARCH D) size paper. Printing on smaller paper will result in the scale no longer being 1:100. This map series is being made available free of charge and each page is available for individual download. Download sizes generally range between 5-7 MB per page. Please read the sidebar included on each map to understand the intended uses and limitations of this map series.

To facilitate finding the proper map sheet, we have provided this interactive map. Simply pan and zoom to your area of interest, then click inside your desired grid square. Select "More info" in the resulting popup will download the map or display it in a new window, depending on your browser settings.

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