Calvert County Zoning Ordinance


The County Zoning Ordinance contains all zoning regulations for Zoning Districts outside of the town centers. There are seven (7) town centers in Calvert County (Dunkirk, Owings, Huntingtown, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, Lusby, and Solomons), and each town center has its own Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance.

Chesapeake Beach and North Beach are both Incorporated towns within Calvert County, and have separate governments and zoning regulations from the county and town center regulations below. Some sections of the Town Center Ordinances refer back to the county Zoning Ordinance. For more information on the town centers, visit the town center pages.

Zoning maps are available as a PDF download by Tax Map. Please use our interactive map to find and download your desired map. A single-page overview (PDF) of the entire county zoning is also available. Wall-sized zoning maps are also available for purchase from the Department of Community Planning and Building.

Zoning Ordinance Online

An online, fully searchable version of the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance is available. This online zoning ordinance is updated amendments to the ordinance are adopted.

Citizens may also wish to access the zoning ordinance on mobile devices. Downloadable apps for both IOS an Android devices are available from General Code, which hosts the County's online zoning ordinance.

Text Amendments

Zoning Text Amendments are proposed, approved and adopted from time to time, to update the zoning regulations for various reasons. The process and requirements for text amendments can be found in Article 1.

Amendments to the zoning ordinance are approved by the Board of County Commissioners, after receiving a recommendation from the Planning Commission. A Public Hearing is held to solicit public input and comments before the Planning Commission recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. A proposed text amendment may be approved, revised, or denied, based on several reasons including staff analysis, comments from the public and comments from reviewing agencies.

County Commissioners Approve Four Text Amendments in 2015 (PDF)

Text Amendment Process (PDF)

The tables below document the timeline and progress of the Text Amendments:

2012 Text Amendments (PDF)

2013 Text Amendments (PDF)

2014 Text Amendments (PDF)

2015 Text Amendments (PDF)

2016 Text Amendments (PDF)

2017 Text Amendments (PDF)

2018 Text Amendments (PDF)

2019 Text Amendments (PDF)