Retirement Savings Options

Defined Contributions Retirement

Calvert County offers a portable defined contribution retirement plan that allows eligible employees to save for retirement. Employees contribute 3 percent of their base salary on a pre-tax basis and the county contributes 5 percent. Employees direct how the money is to be invested and can monitor the growth of their funds through quarterly statements or speak directly to the plan administrator. County contributions vest on an incremental basis with full vesting at seven years.

The county provides a death benefit and disability protection to cover plan participants.

Sheriff and Correctional Pension Plan

Calvert County offers a defined benefit retirement plan for deputy sheriffs and correctional deputies who are eligible to participate. The plan provides benefits based on years of service, and/or age, with mandatory retirement at age 58. Employees contribute 8 percent of their base salary on a pre-tax basis and the plan includes a death benefit and benefits for duty- and non-duty-related disability retirement.

Deferred Compensation (457B)

This is a voluntary plan that allows eligible employees to invest up to the IRS allowable pre-tax contribution to their funds. Employees direct investments and may monitor funds with the plan administrator and a quarterly statement.


Please note that this information is to be used as a reference only; it is not an official statement of the benefits of Calvert County Government. The County is not bound to continue these benefits which are subject to change. The County benefits upon retirement may not be the same as stated above and are subject to change.