Employee Recognition Forms

Employee of the Month Award

The Board of Commissioners of Calvert County, through the Employee Recognition Committee (ERC), is pleased to recognize Calvert County government employees, as “Employee of the Month.” 

This award acknowledges individual excellence for superior job performance and/or special individual efforts that go above and beyond the employee's normal job duties. Awardees will be recognized by the Board of County Commissioners during a scheduled televised hearing.

Nominations may be submitted by Department Heads, supervisors, or co-workers using the Employee of the Month Nomination Form. The Nomination Form may be emailed or placed in interoffice mail to the ERC Chair.

When preparing your nomination, be as specific as possible about the nature of the service or project and the ultimate outcome of the employee’s efforts. Let us know why you feel this employee deserves this recognition. Letters of commendation/support from the public and other employees can be included. The Employee of the Year is selected from among the winners of the Employee of the Month awardees and Pride and Quality awardees for that calendar year by the ERC members. The Employee of the Year is announced at a Board of County Commissioners meeting. If you have any questions concerning this award, please do not hesitate to contact any of the members of the Employee Recognition Committee.

Complete the Employee of the Month Nomination form.

Team Excellence Award 

The Team Excellence Award acknowledges employees who have excelled in a group setting and displayed cooperation and teamwork in support of a common goal or project, which has produced exemplary results.

Complete the Team Excellence Award Nomination form.

Pride & Quality Award

This award recognizes those employees whose extraordinary efforts have produced significant and measurable cost savings to the county; and/or their efforts have resulted in greater efficiencies (time and/or cost saving measures, which will carry forward); and/or their job performance has resulted in positive public relations for the County. 

Complete the Pride & Quality Nomination form.

Cards for All Occasions

We will mail a personal greeting card to your co-worker!

Greeting cards are a lovely way to keep in touch, express support, congratulations, condolences, and gratitude. We live in a world dominated by digital communication, a personal greeting card sent via United States Postal Service can mean a lot to both the sender and the recipient. 

The Employees Recognition Committee understands the power of giving and caring for coworkers and maintaining a real human connection. We are here to help make those connections! 

If you know a Calvert County Government Employee who has experiences a significant life event, let us know! This includes weddings, wedding anniversaries (20+ years), births or adoptions, illness or hospitalizations, retirements or a death in the family.

Help the ERC make a positive impact on our work family. Please contact Sharon Hudson with employee name, life event, and mailing address. 

Hey, Someone Noticed!

Here's how it works... You appreciate a co-worker, tell us why, and we reward them on your behalf!

If you have a positive interaction with a co-worker or if you notice and employee doing something commendable and you want to recognize them for the way they do their job or assisted you in doing yours, the ERC provides a means to offer a small token of appreciation.

Take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!

Complete the Hey, Someone Noticed! form.

2023 ERC Scholarship Application

Winners will be announced live at the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.
1st Place: $1,500 • 2nd Place: $750 • CCG Employee (Graduating High School Senior): $750

About the scholarship

This scholarship is open to graduating seniors whose parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are employed by Calvert County Government as an appointed, full-time merit, contract, grant or part-time (50% or more) employee. Calvert County Employees who are graduating high school seniors (one $750 award) also qualify to apply. (Those not currently employed are eligible if they were employed on or after July 1, 2022.)


  • Be a CCG graduating high school senior; or 
  • Be a dependent of an eligible employee and/or be a CCG employee as outlined above; and 
  • Have a GPA 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale); and 
  • Plan to attend an institution of higher learning or technical school (proof of acceptance may be required) 

Application requirements

  • Properly completed scholarship application; 
  • Essay on topic specified in the application; 
  • Letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or administrator; 
  • Letter of recommendation from a person not associated with the school system; 
  • List of extracurricular activities; and 
  • High School Information Verification Form. 

How to apply

Download and complete the ERC Scholarship Application. If you prefer a paper copy, please contact Ashley Brown at 410-535-1521, ext. 3. Late, incomplete, and/or paper applications will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted via email to Ashley.Brown@calvertcountymd.gov by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, April 3, 2023.