Patuxent Business Park Infrastructure

Patuxent Business Park map and logo
Patuxent Business Park location map and logo


Patuxent Business Park is configured for present and future high-speed voice and data communications services.


Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) is the local power provider. Commercial rates and account information can be found on SMECO's website. For a comprehensive assessment of your power requirements please contact our Business Development Specialist who can help coordinate & tailor your specific needs. 


Public roads serve the park.

Water and Sewer Service

Water is supplied to the park by way of two drilled wells connected to an elevated storage unit. Each has a pumping capacity of 315 gpm. The storage unit has a capacity of 0.5 MG and will be situated at an elevation capable of providing fire suppression pressure to the buildings associated with the park. The park will be served by a 12" water main connected to the elevated storage unit.

The sanitary sewer for this park is collected by 8" gravity lines to a single pump station connected by way of a 6" force main.

Base Rates are per Equivalent Dwelling Unit

Base Water Rate $55.51
Variable Water Rate (per 1,000 gallons) $2.74
Base Sewer Rate $111.35
Variable Sewer Rate (per 1,000 gallons) $5.91
Bay Restoration Fund $15

Connection Fees

Water $3,000/EDU
Sewer $5,400/EDU