Typically a simple, one-level roofed structure used for outside storage.

County Projects

Required Permit Applications and Forms

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Critical Area
Sheds within the Critical Area require a Critical Area Worksheet.
The law identifies "Critical Area" as all lands within 1,000 ft. of the mean high water line of tidal waters, or the landward edge of tidal wetlands, and all waters on (and lands under) the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.
Critical Area Worksheet
Architectural Review Committee Approval Properties located in a Town Center or a Rural Commercial Zoning District require Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval prior to permit issuance. ARC Meeting information
Building Permit Accessory Structure construction over 150 square feet requires a Building permit. NOTE: Structures under 150 sq. ft. (unless in Critical Area) do not require a permit but must still meet required setbacks for zoning. Front setbacks differ from lot to lot. Side and rear setbacks are each 5 ft.  Required setback from any recorded Forest Retention Area and some other environmentally sensitive areas is 10 ft.  

If you are unsure if this applies to you, please contact Planning & Zoning for assistance at 410-535-2348.
Building permit
Electrical Permit Shed electrical work requires an Electrical permit submitted by a licensed master electrician. Electrical permit
Plumbing-Gas Permit Shed plumbing and/or gas work requires a Plumbing-Gas permit submitted by a licensed master plumber. Plumbing-Gas permit
Grading Permit Sheds with disturbances 5,000 sq. ft. or greater AND/OR cut and fill volume total exceeding 100 cubic yards require a Grading permit.
NOTE: Grading permits will require mitigation of stormwater in accordance with MDE. A Declaration of Restrictive Covenants (DoRC) form will be required for county inspection of stormwater devices.
Grading permit
Water Sewer Permit Sheds where the property is served by public water and/or public sewer require a Water Sewer permit
Water Sewer permit

Historic Permit Sheds where the property is a designated Calvert County Historic District require a Historic Area Work permit. Historic Area Work permit, HAWP Instructions

Plan Submittal Requirements

The following information must be submitted with applicable permit application(s):



If the applicant is contracting a builder, they need a Licensed Contractor. If they are building it themselves, they do not need a Licensed Contractor. Check to see if an individual or business is licensed before they do business for you.

Other Potential Requirements

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Beach Application Approval IF the property is located in the town limits of Chesapeake Beach or North Beach, a Beach Application Approval is required to be submitted with the Building Permit Package. Chesapeake Beach

North Beach
Property Owner's Association / Home Owner's Association Approval IF the property has a Property Owner's Association (POA) or Home Owner's Association (HOA), POA/HOA approval may be required prior to construction. Property owners should consult their POA/HOA. N/A
Environmental Health Dept. Sanitary Construction Permit IF the property is served by well and/or septic, an Environmental Health (EH) Department Sanitary Construction permit may be required based on scope of work.

For additional information, contact the Director of Environmental Health via email.
EH Dept. Sanitary Construction Permit

EH permit review FAQ
Agricultural Preservation Approval IF the property is located in an Agricultural Preservation District, Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board approval may be required prior to permit issuance.

Use this interactive map to see if you are in the Agricultural Preservation District.
Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board website
County Road Access Bond IF the project is proposing a new entrance onto a county road, a Residential Road Access Bond may be required. The refundable bond is $600. N/A
Forest Conservation/Forest Stand IF clearing of the property is on a lot more than 40,000 sq. ft. in size, a Forest Conservation Worksheet (FC), Forest Stand Delineation (FS), and Forest Conservation Plan are required. An exemption may waive these requirements. FC Worksheet & FS Delineation
Notice of Intent to MDE IF clearing of the property is greater than one acre or involves environmental features governed by MDE, a Notice of Intent filed with the MD Department of the Environment is required. MD Dept. of the Environment