Swimming Pools

Quick Contact Numbers

Division Number
Engineering Transportation 410-535-2204
Project Management 410-535-2204
Water and Sewer 410-535-1600, ext. 2554
Highway Maintenance 410-535-0905
Solid Waste 410-326-0210
Fleet Maintenance 410-535-0167
General Services 410-535-1600, ext. 2327

Tips for Conserving Water

  • Backwash only when necessary
  • Check regularly for cracks and leaks
  • Cover the pool
    • Covering the pool can save 95% of water lost to evaporation
    • Conserves heat (which can save money for heating costs)
    • Prevents accidents
    • Reduces cleaning
    • The average uncovered pool loses one inch of water per week
  • Ensure that water is absorbed before it leaves your property and avoid allowing runoff to enter adjacent properties
  • If acid has been used to clean the pool, the water should be neutralized
  • Keep the pool and filters clean to reduce frequency of filter back-washing
  • Limit the frequency of pool refilling
  • Lower the pool’s water to reduce losses from splashing
    • It is recommended to keep the water level one inch above the bottom of the tile
  • Lower the pool temperature
    • Reducing the temperature reduces water loss to evaporation and is particularly important when the pool is not being used
  • Run filter backwash onto lawns and shrubs or collect for reuse