FY20 Community Needs Assessment Surveys

Calvert County Family Network (CCFN) is Calvert County’s Local Management Board (LMB). LMBs operate in each Maryland jurisdiction, partnering with local leaders, public and private agencies, and businesses to build communities where all children, youth and families can thrive. Every three years, CCFN conducts a Community Needs Assessment of Maryland's 8 Results for Child Well-Being. The purpose of these 10-minute surveys is to help identify ways to improve outcomes for children and youth in Calvert County and to gather your feedback as CCFN develops its FY22-FY25 Strategic Plan. 

You may choose to complete 1 survey or up to all 5 surveys. Your feedback is important!

Survey #1- Child Maltreatment
Survey #2- Child Poverty
Survey #3- Kindergarten Readiness
Survey #4- Disconnected Youth
Survey #5- Pediatric Mental Health