Planning Commission Fees

Fees as of 7/1/2020. 

Please note: "DA" refers to "Disturbed Acreage." For example, if a particular fee is $100/DA and the property in question is 4.5 acres in area, the total amount due would be $450.

Please also note that any recording fees charged by the Recording Clerk’s Office are not reflected in this information.

Fee Amount
Consideration of Architectural Approvals $150
Conceptual Grading Plan for disturbance of existing or recorded Conservation Areas of for grading prior to site plan approval $200 + $250/DA
Reconsideration of an Approved Condition (does not include application fee for revised plans required before or after consideration) $300/condition
Extension of approvals as required by the Planning Commission $150
Planning commission Administrator (PCA) Administrative Variances (Site Plan & Subdivision)
Appeals to PC of PCA Decisions $150/item
PC Modifications/Variances/Waiver Requests for Site Plan/Subdivisions (prior to approval) $250/request
Contested Case Application $1,500/application
Road Names - Request Application Form (in-house review and approval) $35
Road Names - Application for a Change in Existing Road Name (public and private R/W's) $250
Request for Meeting Notes/Transcripts/Video $35 (CD Audio) $55-$75 (Video)