Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm


  • Parking is along the right-hand side of the Main Entrance drive.
  • A Park Brochure (PDF) is available; it includes the new trail map.
  • Public Deer Hunting . Specific information about hunting at Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm and the State Department of Natural Resources Southern Region Public Hunting Permit and Reservation System is available online or by phone at the Myrtle Grove office at 301-743-5161. Additional details about hunting opportunities in Calvert County can be found on on the Calvert Parks website
  • Interpretive Signs. Funded through a grant from the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, new signs, benches, even a picnic area, will be added to the farm. New hiking trails will be created to take visitors to some of the interesting natural areas of the farm.
  • George E. Rice House and Outbuildings. The house in the woods was built between 1915-1938 by Mr. Rice, and African American farmer. A grant from the African American Heritage Preservation Fund was used to rehabilitate the buildings. During the restoration, iron objects were found under the doorways and corners of the outbuildings. These artifacts represent a new story to be told, to explore and understand the role African American culture and traditions and spirituality played in home building.
  • Archaeologists from St. Mary’s College of Maryland tested an important Native American archaeological site. Overlooking Battle Creek, the site appears to have been occupied from as early as ca. 200 CE until 1300 CE. The archaeological investigations at Biscoe Gray were funded by a very generous grant from the National Park Service.
    The investigations yielded thousands of fragments of oyster shell, stone artifacts, and ceramic vessel fragments. Perhaps the most exciting find consisted of a linear series of post molds presumably associated with long-vanished architecture at the site. These post molds, ranging from 3 to 4 inches in diameter, were spaced approximately 8 inches apart. Architecture from these early centuries is relatively rare in the Chesapeake. Its presence at Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm enhances the historical significance of the park. Read More... (PDF)
  • Through Piscataway Eyes This master plan envisions a network of authentic interpretive and educational experiences to tell the stories of the Piscataway People at places within our homeland in Southern Maryland. Through these experiences, Maryland’s citizens and visitors will come to understand the Piscataway People as a living people with a vibrant and thriving culture. The native perspective—as revealed through our eyes—will enrich appreciation of the shared history of Maryland. The public will gain a deeper understanding of our people who lived in the Chesapeake region for centuries before the arrival of Europeans and of our people who still live there today. Through Our Eyes Master Plan:

For information call the Natural Resources Division Office: 410-535-5327

Equestrian Access

A free permit is required prior to bringing horses onto the property. Online Permit registration.

Dogs on leash allowed.
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Related Documents

Read the Master Plan, the Historic Structure Report and Preservation Plan (HSR) for the George Rice House and Outbuildings, and other information about Biscoe Gray.

Tobacco Prize in barn
Wooden George Rice House in forest
Side of wooden barn
Path through woods