Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary

Boardwalk trail through the Cypress Swamp

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Nature Center & Trails Will Be Closed

Starting November 11, 2019, the Nature Center & trails will close temporarily for major renovations to the nature center’s reception center, classrooms and office space. The work is expected to take approximately four months 

Our mission is to preserve, manage and operate natural resource areas to provide compatible outdoor recreation and educational opportunities for the public.

Rare Habitats

At the northernmost limits In the United States for the natural range of bald cypress trees, this 100-acre nature sanctuary recalls a time some 100,000 years ago when cypress swamps were common over large parts of the region and now-extinct animals like mammoths roamed the landscape.

Today, thanks to The Nature Conservancy, which acquired the property in 1957, the Sanctuary's primeval beauty is a protected home to many plants and animals.

Sanctuary and Solitude

As you walk on the quarter-mile boardwalk trail, listen to nature's harmony of calling frogs and songbirds. With quiet patience and sharp eyes you may even catch a glimpse of some of the abundant life supported by this wetland.

Champion Bald CypressNature Education

Inside the nature center, you can explore more closely the mysteries of the swamp through exhibits that focus on the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary makes an ideal day trip for the young and old alike. The Calvert County Natural Resources Division provides a variety of educational programs and outdoor activities throughout the year

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary is a partnership between Calvert County Natural Resources Division and The Nature Conservancy. The Sanctuary is a part of the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network.

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