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Residential Permit and Excise Fee Guide
Residential Permit Fees
Fee Description  Fee Department Assessing Fee Location Paid
Residential Building Permit $0.08 per sq. ft. for finished floor area – minimum $30 fee
I&P I&P  
$0.04 per sq. ft. for unfinished floor area - i.e., porches, garages, decks, breezeways, etc. – minimum $30.00 fee
$30 fee for a single visit; minor remodel project, i.e., pier, etc.
Homebuilders Guaranty Fee*
$50 I&P I&P
*During the 2008 session, the Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation that creates a Guaranty Fund in the Consumer Protection Division to protect consumers who purchase new homes in Maryland.

Permit Offices are required to collect from home builders a Guaranty Fund fee of $50 with each application for a permit for construction of a new home, including new homes, custom homes, mobile homes, modular homes and condominiums.

Landowners who are performing construction of a home they intend to live in on their own land and who submit a Landowner Affidavit to the Permit Office are not required to pay the $50 Guaranty Fund fee.

Residential Excise Fees
Type of Residential Structure or Unit Type
 Excise Tax Fund  
 Solid Waste Fund
  School  Recreation  Road
 Single-family detached $7,800 $1,300 $3,500 $350 $12,950
 Single-family attached $5,175 $1,300 $3,500 $350 $10,325
 Manufactured (mobile) home $3,900 $1,300 $3,500 $350 $9,050
 Apartment $2,600 $1,300 $3,500 $350 $7,750
 Bona fide elderly unit  N/A $1,300 $3,500 $350 $5,150

Payment of Residential Excise Fees
 Type of Residential Structure or Unit Type Total Fee Due at Permit Issuance  
Second Installment
 Third Installment
 Single-family detached $12,950 $4,550 $4,200 $4,200
 Single-family attached $10,325 $3,675 $3,325 $3,325
 Manufactured (mobile) home $9,050 $3,250 $2,900 $2,900
 Apartment $7,750 $2,817 $2,466 $2,466
 Bona fide elderly unit $1,950 $1,950 $1,600 $1,600
  Second and third installments are billed with property tax bills.
NOTE: If anyone other than the State Assessment listed owner pays the residential excise tax and wishes to use payment installments, they must submit a completed and notarized Excise Tax Acknowledgement Form.

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